Terms for Boardgames Rent at MEEPLES LTD

The standard game rental period is 3 days.
For example, if you rent a game on Tuesday, it is due back at our restobar before closing on Friday.

Extended rentals are for 7 days.
For example, if you rent a game on Tuesday for an extended rental period, it is due back the following Tuesday. If you want to rent the game for longer, ask the administrator if it is possible for this specific game.

If a game’s due date falls on a day Meeples Restobar is closed (i. e., a national holiday), it must be returned the next day we are open.

Pickup and Returns:
You can pick up and return your game anytime during our opening hours.

Deposit and rental price:
You must leave the deposit for the game (exclusively in cash in national currency) plus the cost of rent for the period. The deposits are divided into 4 groups depending on the price and rarity of the game:

  • small – 60 zl (15 €),
  • medium – 120 zl (30 €),
  • big – 240 zl (60 €)
  • and premium – decided separately for each game in this category.

Ask our personnel about the category of your game or consult this spreadsheet with all our games (work in progress).

The rental price is fixed for all games and is 20 zl (5 €) for the 3-day period and 40 zl (10 €) for the week.

If you do not return a game by its due date, the rental price for the whole additional rent period will be subtracted from the deposit upon return.

Do you like it? You buy it!
You decide you like the game and want to purchase a copy? If we have it in stock when you return the rental, we will subtract your rental fee from the purchase price! And of course, you will receive a new copy, not the used one.


When you take the game, be sure to check the availability of all the components ACCORDING to the list of equipment (the list is included in the box with the game).

You agree to return the game in the EXACT condition in which you received it: with all of its pieces, the parts bagged, cards still in sleeves, etc. No alterations or attachments may be made to the game.

A 10 zl (2 €) Reorganization Fee will be charged for games returned in disarray.

When returning games, our employees will check the presence of all components.
If the game is incomplete or damaged, we will hold the deposit until the damage and the respective compensation amount has been assessed by the administration (approx. 3 days).

For details, please contact the restobar staff.

Contacting Us:
If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, the practices of this cafe, or your dealings with this cafe, please contact us:

Phone: +48453383606
E-mail: krakow@meeples.cafe
Address: Karmelicka 9, 31-133 Kraków, Poland

This Privacy Policy was last updated on 2 April 2024.
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